Shifters and Six ShootersBook 1Redemption of a Wrangled Spirit

Rozalyn Hunt Series
Book 1
The Bliss Drip
Rozalyn Hunt SeriesBook 2The Thrice Marked
Rozalyn Hunt SeriesBook 3The Glittering Halo

Shifters and Six-Shooters Series

Travel back into the historical American west with Eva, a spirit shifter who is rescued from an isolated life by a group of shifter bounty hunters. They will help her discover herself and all that she was meant to be.

The ghosts of her mother's world hover all around her. Who can be trusted and who is trying to make sure she remains in isolation?

The Rozalyn Hunt Series

This series follows the story of Rozalyn and how her small town southern life completely transforms after her ex-boyfriend, Macory Jacobs, walks back into her life after almost a decade. But now he's a vampire. And they aren't finished with each other yet.

Through Mac, she will meet Felix and Jason. She will need all of the loves in her life to come to terms with the potent drop of immortality in her blood and the secrets that it reveals about her past. Evil will come looking and Roz will draw on all her strength and her men to overcome it.